Jueves, 1 de octubre de 2020
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The brilliant ideas are closer that it seems.
Sometimes you have them, sometimes you feel them,
other times are found.
What we do is


During 2020 eurocarne will be by your side
because it is still in need of your expertise, your energy,
and your fidelity and as far as we are concerned,
a special 2020 is a 2020 with you
and your good ideas.

We leave here ours to enjoy
this Christmas and the year.
That it is not going to be all about work!

Get smart, turn up the volume and dance, dance.....

Green book. Simply super christmashy and fun!

If theatre is your pleasure and your are in Madrid, don´t miss  The Ingeritance, a play full of intrigue, drama and black comedy by our colleague David Barreiro.

The date approaches, the ground trembles to the rhythm of the bells, La Vijanera is arriving,  the first European Carnival. Are you ready? Try to visit some artisan´s market in your city, or take this opportunity to discover a new country and fabolous magic place (Cantabria).

And our Christmas present. The meat that will change the world, an article by David Barreiro that has won the EIT Food Journalism Award. Click here to enjoy it.


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